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    {event} castle rock hike, orenchi, and state bird provisions

    June 27, 2017

    Phil and I have talked about going on different hikes for a while now, but we never got the chance cause he coaches basketball all weekend. However, ever since Phil quit coaching basketball at Chinese school, his Saturday mornings have freed up! For his first free day, we decided to go hiking at Castle Rock State Park. We had planned to go early since the bay area has been experiencing a hot, hot heat wave, so I got to Phil’s house at 6:30am. Phil went out with his friends the night before, so he was a bit hungover. However, he was a trooper and still got out of bed to go hiking with me.

    Since Castle Rock is mostly shaded, the hike was nice and cool. We saw tons of people bouldering, which was really exciting!

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    {event} pearl and chris’ wedding

    Earlier this month, I got to attend one of Phil’s good friend’s wedding. Originally, the wedding date was set on Sunday, June 11th, but two weeks before, the groom and bride (Chris and Pearl)…

    June 25, 2017
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    {event} snippets of may

    Besides a Davis trip with some girl friends, Atlassian Friends and Family Day with Evonne and Mika, and an LA trip with my siblings, May was a pretty busy month! (But I say that…

    June 20, 2017