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    {event} snippets of july

    August 8, 2017

    After my Disneyland posts, I ran out of material for my blog… hence the two week silence. Oops! I did feel really guilty because I was on track for keeping up with my two-posts-a-week schedule. I blame my new job! Once I started working at Mapbox, my social life quickly declined. Some days I worked the regular 8 hours, and other days I worked 10 to 11 hours. I was lucky if I had the energy to put dinner into my mouth when I got home (semi-exaggerating). On the weekends, I just want to stay home and/or go to Phil’s place to vegetate. So in July, I kept it pretty low key and didn’t do anything big and spontaneous!

    After I got back from LA, Steph and I went to Santa Clara for dinner at Jang Su Jang (still hella bomb!) and then got our haircuts. I chopped off about a foot of my hair, so I feel free as a bird again! Most girls like long hair, but I dig the short hair better. It’s low maintenance and cuter for the summer. 🙂

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