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{event} saying good bye to seattle (day 4)

November 18, 2013

Leaving a place you fell in love is always so hard. Although we missed home and we were in Seattle for a three days already, I didn’t want to leave. Since our flight wasn’t until late afternoon, we had half a day to spend in Seattle. We planned to get breakfast and then hit up a few more spots.

089 ootdThe building designs here are always so cool! There’s just something about red brick homes…

090 seattle lolaWe planned to eat brunch at Lola. While we were looking for the restaurant, we ended up walking around the whole building cause we couldn’t find it (fail). There were so many different options on the menu that we wanted to try, but instead of ordering everything, we decided to split the Mushroom Scramble. So delicious!

091 seattle lolaWe also ordered the Donuts. It comes in a white bag that our server shook up to get all the sugar coated evenly around the sweet little desserts. Like people said on Yelp, these donuts are a must get!

092 seattle artAs many of my friends know, I’m not super active. My baby brother joked earlier about how walking up and down the stairs in my house is a chore for me. But after this Seattle trip, I am more aware about how I should walk more. I guess it would help if there were beautiful things to look at everywhere.

093 seattle art… like this art. I really like it!

094 ootdBesides beautiful street art, Seattle buildings are lined with gorgeous plants and flowers.

096 seattle salumiTina’s friend told her that Salumi Artisan Cured Meats had really good sandwiches, so we trekked over and picked one up. The meat just melts in your mouth!

095 clam chowderWanting to drink more clam chowder before we left, we headed back to Pike Place Chowder. This time, we didn’t dare get the quart… we just got the sampler so we can try a few more. Perfect portions!

097 seattle le panier french bakeryWanting to cross off yet another place on the top 10 rated places on Yelp, we went to check out Le Panier French Bakery. The macarons caught my eye, so I picked out a box to bring home to my mom.

098 seattle tullys coffeeBefore our trip, my sister gave us a gift card for coffee at Tully’s Coffee. It was nice to be in a non-Starbucks in Seattle! It seems as if there was a Starbucks at every single corner. People really do like their coffee.

099 seattle viewWhile we were walking around, we found this bridge that led to an amazing view on the water.

100 seattle top pot donutsWanting to pick up some donuts for home, Tina and I went to Top Pot Doughnuts. This place is so cute – they had bookshelves lined up along the walls with books, mugs, and tshirts. The employees here are so cheerful too!

101 seattle top pot donutsAsians taking pictures of Asians taking pictures of food. 🙂

102 seattle top pot donutsYou can never say no to a delicious glazed donut!

103 bill and melinda gates foundationOur last stop before the airport was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was pretty cool learning what cause they are passionate about and how they are going about making a change.

After picking up our bags from our hotel, we headed to the bus stop to the Link. The Link ride to the airport seemed like forever compared to when we rode it from the airport a few days ago. We arrived at the airport early and was able to grab dinner in the airport. The Seattle airport is impressive – high ceilings, large glass windows, and elegant decorations. When we boarded, we were tired but excited to go home. Remember the drink tickets I had left over? We definitely had to use the rest because we had two babies right behind us crying throughout the flight…

Until our next trip!

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