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February 21, 2014

In a few days (on February 24), it is National Tortilla Chip Day… which means we can bust out our chips and salsa or guacamole and eat to our heart’s desire without feeling guilty. Well, at least I won’t! Dipping chips into a bowl of salsa or guacamole is one of my favorite things to do when I’m planted in front of the TV doing a marathon on Parks and Rec. Now, I’ve seen many of my friends make fresh salsa and guacamole, but I still have not attempted to create these dishes. But looking through these recipes, I might as well head over to the grocery store and pick up the few ingredients that I need and try it out, right?

basic tomato salsa

Kary from Kary Osmond says that fresh salsa is better than salsa you buy in the jar, and I’ll have to wholeheartedly agree. Since basic tomato salsa only takes a few ingredients, you should make it at home for the freshness. All you’re doing is mixing together chopped tomatoes, jalapeño, onions, cilantro, lime, olive oil, and salt! Easy peesy? I think so!

chunky guacamole

Next to salsa, I love eating chips with guacamole. Like salsa, guacamole can go on a variety of different dishes besides chips. Laurenda made this chunky guacamole without cilantro because people either hate it or love it. Did you know that guacamole has pushed avocado sales to around 30 million pounds on Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo? Cool!

avocado salsa

And of course, when you mix the two together, you get the avocado salsa that is featured on Picture Perfect Meals. You could be thinking it’s double the work, but just know, you’ll be getting double the reward!

grilled pineapple salsa

It’s hard for me to pick what my favorite fruit is because well, I love eating all kinds of fruits. But for Paige from Last Ingredient, she is in love with pineapples. She buys a pineapple during every single one of her grocery runs! This grilled pineapple salsa is light and great for dips. It’s even great with salads or a chicken dish.

mango salsa

One fruit that I always gush about is mango. Mango is delicious when you eat it fresh, in desserts, or even when it’s incorporated as a flavor. This mango salsa can be considered a mango cucumber pico de gallo, and would be a wonderful garnish on fish, chicken, or beef.

My tummy is growling looking at all of these fresh and delicious salsa and guacamole dishes. I think the only time I will buy dip from a jar is when I’m super lazy now.. cause these dips are quite easy to make!

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