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{travel} tinatine and stephleen: yelp spring break – carnival picnic

July 5, 2016

Although we had a full day planned for Saturday, we decided to sleep in a bit since we were on vacation anyways. Once we woke up, we got ready to head to San Diego’s most popular restaurant: Phil’s BBQ. There are four different Phil’s locations, but since the one we went to had elevent thousand reviews… we figured that was the OG location. (Bonnie had also mentioned that the original location was the best.)

2016-05-14 11.47.03Surprisingly, when we arrived at 11:30a (and they open at 11a), the line was almost non-existent. It did start filling up quickly after we ordered and got seated though. By the time we finished ripping every bite of meat off the bones, there were many people circling the tables like hawks waiting for people to leave the tables.

2016-05-14 11.47.05

2016-05-14 11.47.28-1Between four girls, we ordered a side of onion rings (yum), a full set of baby back ribs (double yum), a full beef rib dinner set (triple yum). Mmm, that BBQ sauce was golden!

2016-05-14 11.49.54

2016-05-14 11.50.01With eleven thousand reviews, the hype for Phil’s was very, very real. We all agreed that the ribs were very delicious, but it definitely didn’t change our lives (although I really wish it did). If I was craving ribs, I’d be down to drive an hour to get $2 ribs at Cattlemens.

2016-05-14 12.42.07After a filling lunch, we walked out of the restaurant and noticed one of Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream locations was also here. The four of us were supposed to visit Hammond’s in between our Brewventure Bolt Tour and the Superstitious Soiree, but we know how that turned out aka we were completely out of commission.

2016-05-14 12.42.32This ice cream shop was the cutest thing ever. And they had ice cream flights! I’m surprised not more ice cream shops serve flights cause, I mean, besides letting your customers try a bunch of different flavors, the flights are also very cute for photos!

2016-05-14 12.50.23-1

2016-05-14 12.50.43-1Gotta do it for the blog… 🙂

2016-05-14 12.54.24

2016-05-14 12.55.13Some of the flavors we really liked were: Thai tea, cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake, lychee, ginger, lavender, and pineapple coconut cream.

2016-05-14 14.09.00Since we had an hour before our next (and last!) Yelp event, we decided to check out a bar close by. Neighborhood is a hip and trendy gastropub that was pretty lively even at 2pm on a Saturday. Besides people who were there for a drink (like us), there were also families grabbing a late lunch.

2016-05-14 14.20.08-1Not only do they have a ton of beers on tap, they also have a handful of wine and cocktails on tap. Sick! Their cocktails all sounded great, but I went straight for their Whiskey Flights ($20). They have 3 different offerings, so take your pick!

2016-05-14 14.46.26A lot of people come here for a drink to wait for their table at Noble Experiment, a really popular speakeasy. We had reservations at Noble Experiment for this weekend, but after bar hopping around, we decided to just skip it. We will check it out next time!

2016-05-14 15.10.39On the way to the the Yelp event, we walked past a dog park. So many cute dogs!

2016-05-14 15.21.08After attending the Superstitious Soiree the night before, I was really looking forward to the Carnival Picnic. Although different in a few ways (indoor vs outdoors, bigger venue vs smaller venue, etc), the Carnival Picnic was fun in its own ways!

2016-05-14 15.21.46

2016-05-14 15.24.43

2016-05-14 15.25.39

2016-05-14 15.28.22

2016-05-14 15.34.31Flip cup!? Awesome!

2016-05-14 15.36.11

2016-05-14 15.52.01-1Love these girls! <3

2016-05-14 15.54.14

2016-05-14 16.06.55 HDR-2

2016-05-14 16.10.30Besides a ton of beer, we filled up on their craft cocktails. Not only were the drinks tasty, they were very alcoholic.

2016-05-14 16.12.06

2016-05-14 16.14.41

2016-05-14 16.25.54The venue was super hipster because they had a ton of cool art on the walls.

2016-05-14 16.27.41

2016-05-14 16.36.59There was only one food vendor (TRES Taqueria Mariscos Cantina), which was kind of disappointing for a Yelp event. The tacos were just okay, but I’m comparing it to all the other awesome tacos we had during our stay in San Diego.. so that’s probably not fair.

2016-05-14 16.46.25While we were eating and snacking, we noticed these Yelpers from DC that kept taking photos in front of the walls. I found it kind of weird since they were taking an abnormal amount of time for photos, so of course, I snapped a photo of them and asked Starr if they were her friends. Turns out, they were! They came over, said hello, and we took a picture together for Starr. 🙂

2016-05-14 17.11.35Besides DC Yelpers, we also befriended some Yelpers from the OC!

2016-05-14 17.20.29-1

2016-05-14 17.20.40-1

2016-05-14 17.36.44-1This was our last Yelp Spring Break event, and I’m glad we ended it with a bang!

2016-05-14 19.08.33For dinner, we headed over to Sushi Ota.

2016-05-14 19.10.23

2016-05-14 19.11.30-1When Selena Gomez croons, “Can’t keep my hands to myself no matter how hard I’m trying to.”

And then continues with “I want you all to myself.”

I quickly nod. I feel ya, Selena, I feel ya.

Then she keeps going, “So come on, give me a taste of what it’s like to be next to you.”

I lick my lips. Yes, give me a taste.

… oh wait, she’s not talking about the sushi at Sushi Ota? Because when I think about not being able to keep my hands to myself, it’s because I can’t wait to get my hands on another piece of sushi at this restaurant.

2016-05-14 19.44.56

2016-05-14 19.45.48Skip the appetizers, tempura dishes, salads, entrees, and salads. Heck, you might even want to skip the chirashi, too. Just order the sashimi – no regrets! The sushi here is so good, I can say it’s probably the best sushi I’ve had since coming back from Japan a few months ago. Grab reservations and enjoy!

2016-05-14 21.31.33

2016-05-14 21.31.46After dinner, we headed downtown for some drinks!

Girls lingering by corners at night asking what you’re up to… are usually bad news.

So when this girl in a plaid shirt, short shorts, and cowboy boots came up to us, asked what we were doing that night, offered to take us to Double Deuce, AND give us free shots all for free… my friends and I immediately followed her.

Priorities, right? Right.

2016-05-14 22.07.00We also stopped by Rustic Root, Analog, Sadaf Nightclub, The Tipsy Crow, and a few more. Who knew San Diego’s downtown scene was so cracking? Besides getting married in San Diego, I’ve decided I wanted to have my bachelorette party here too!

2016-05-14 22.13.11

2016-05-14 22.27.02

2016-05-14 22.48.56

2016-05-14 23.12.10

2016-05-14 23.14.24Cheers to one of the funnest nights ever!

What’s great about San Diego is that even though we went to hella bars, we didn’t really break our bank. Oh, the joys of drinking outside of the bay area…

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  • Reply eveonnh July 5, 2016 at 10:08 am

    I died at your Selena Gomez reference hahaha also I love that you were planning your wedding already 🙂

  • Reply Starr July 5, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha that Selena Gomez lyrics reference doe!!!! Almost LOLed at work reading it.

    GIRL your style is always so ON POINT why you so stylish?? Looks like you all had sooooo much fun in SD! I really want to visit now! (And I still can’t believe the story of how you wound up meeting my friends hahahaha)

  • Reply Lilly July 6, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    zomgggggg the sushi looks BOMB as did the ice cream and bbq!! i want to eat all of that right now haha. looks like the event was super fun and that u had an amazing day!

  • Reply Tiffany July 8, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    SO jealous you got Sushi Ota! I know, I live right there, but it’s been a while..Definitely the best sushi I’ve had on this side of the world. Also still have to try that ice cream..I keep seeing photos and it looks amazing!

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