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{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: visiting family in kaohsiung

March 7, 2017

After our little adventure in Tainan, my siblings and I jumped back onto the high speed rail and headed down to Kaohsiung. Most of my dad’s side of the family is in Kaohsiung, so they were all excited to see my brothers since they haven’t in a few years. (I hope they were excited to see us too even though we saw them just a year ago?)

Clay and Neil commented that Kaohsiung looked a bit different since the last time they were back. To me? It looked about the same – a little less citylike than Taipei.

We met the family at a seafood restaurant and began to feast!

(Photo from Steph)

Our mom’s friend also dropped by dinner to say hi to us. Her grand daughter is so freaking cute! 😀


The next morning, our cousin and her friend took us to the market to pick up a few items for my mom.

We also walked around 愛河 (Love River) for a bit. This 7.5 mile river is like the spine of Koahsiung, much like the River Thames of London. The river used to be heavily polluted… so polluted that my mom said it smelled real bad when you got near it. But over the years, they cleaned it up so it’s a lot better. (It definitely didn’t smell when we walked along it.)

One last photo with the grandparents before we left Kaohsiung!

Before we headed to the high speed rail station, we went to 丸龜製麵 (Marukame Udon) located in the Mitsukoshi Mall next to the Zuoying Station. This restaurant is very well known in Hawaii, so when I saw they had a location in Taiwan, I had to drag my siblings to go check it out. Worth it? Totally! My brothers actually liked the udon we had here versus the one we had in Tokyo. But they were comparing two different types of broths, so I don’t think that’s totally fair.

So heavenly! <3

Not only does Mitsukoshi Mall have delicious udon (and a ton of other restaurants and stores), they also had Chun Shui Tang aka the birthplace of boba! 🙂 I happily drank it all on my 2 hour trip back up to Taipei.

Although Kaohsiung isn’t as “fun” as Taipei, it’s always good to see the family. Not much has changed in the past year, but it was good seeing my brothers and the family catch up. It is a bit difficult communicating with my grandparents since they only speak Taiwanese, but good thing our cousins can translate for us!

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  • Reply Starr March 7, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Yummmmm udon and boba!! It’s always nice to be able to vacation and see family (besides the brothers in tow :P)

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