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{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: last day in the motherland

March 11, 2017

After we ate lunch and got back to Taipei, we got ready to go out again. It was our last day in Taiwan, so we wanted to make the most of it! Since Clay and Neil never went up the Elephant Mountain for a hike to see the views of Taipei, we decided to do that first before it got dark. A lot of people actually prefer to hike it later in the day so they could see the sunset, but I heard there were tons of mosquitoes at night… and I’m not about that life.

Obviously, my brothers and their long legs got all the way up with no problem. Steph and I were huffing and puffing the whole way up, hah. When we did get to the top, we saw that we completed it in 15 minutes! Last year, it took us longer cause we kept taking breaks.

Lighting wasn’t great for photos and it was super foggy, but this view will never get old.

The trash/recycling bins here are so cute!

We headed back to our airbnb with some flavored Taiwanese beer. We drank a little and then headed out to the last night market of our trip! We all had the mentality that we were going to eat until we couldn’t anymore. >:]

Clay and Neil got to try stinky tofu that’s not fried with fermented veggies. I love this type of stinky tofu because there’s soup, pickled veggies, and best of all… duck blood! Oh man, I wish I could find duck blood somewhere in the states because it is bomb. I know people are grossed out by pig blood or duck blood, but it really just tastes like pudding. 🙂

The next morning, I woke up with a sore throat (thanks to Neil cause he was sick for a few days). I felt like death on the airplane… but I’m glad I got sick when we were already done with our trip. Lucky! On the flight back, I was just in and out of sleep. The few days after we got back from Asia, all of us were suffering from terrible jetlag.

Our first Shieh Sibs international trip, and it was a good one! We made lots of good memories and learned a lot about each other (travelwise). Cheers to a great beginning of 2017!

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