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{event} christine and phillip in DC: cherry blossoms at the tidal basin

April 18, 2017

After a delicious first meal at Fiola Mare, Phil and I knew we had to walk it off. I mean, we did just eat a salad, two types of ravioli, veggies, fish, and a pound of calamari! Although the weather was a bit on the chilly side, it felt nice to walk a little more than a mile to the Tidal Basin to check out the cherry blossoms.

Instead of busting out our iPhones to use GoogleMaps, we actually just went towards the direction of the Washington Monument. Now, the Washington Monument isn’t actually on the Tidal Basin, but since it’s so tall, you can see it anywhere around the Tidal Basin.

Because it snowed a week or two before our trip, it seemed like half of the cherry blossoms were dead (or not blooming at all?). The first half of our walk around the Tidal Basin was a bit lackluster, but we were optimistic about seeing full blooms during our second half of the walk. We had heard that there were really beautiful blooms somewhere around the water!

The few weeks leading up to our trip, I was constantly following the cherry blossom peak bloom forecasts. At first, it was supposed to be a week before… then it kept moving up and down. The bloom period begins when the blooms were at 20% and lasts for about 14 days. On March 22nd, reports said the bloom period started, and that was perfect because our trip was from the 23rd through the 26th!

Once we got half way around the Tidal Basin, we saw bigger and prettier blooms! Tons of people were stopping on the side of the road to take pictures. We even chatted up these two girls from Seattle because they kept stopping and taking pictures at the same places we were, hah.

Since Phil’s phone’s camera is better than mine, he was constantly trying to take pictures for me so I could use them for my blog. Perfect boyfriend or nah? (Even after this trip, he still takes photos of things we do in case I like them better than the ones I take myself!)

Although walking around the Tidal Basin admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms may seem like a simple activity, this was one of Phil’s favorite memories of our trip. He really liked just taking a stroll, relaxing, and taking pictures of/with the cherry blossoms. 🙂

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