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{travel} christine and phillip in DC: weekend of compelling ales and whatnot

May 2, 2017

Right after Phil and I booked our flights to DC, we started to put a list of restaurants we wanted to dine at, places we wanted to see, and things we wanted to do. Will mentioned that there was an event called Weekend of Compelling Ales and What Not that we should check out. Will is a huge beer fan, while Phil isn’t, so obviously, we had to go. 🙂 There are many beer (and food) events like this in the bay area, but I never take the chance to check any of them out. So why not just check one out when we were on vacation?

More than 500 people got tickets and headed to Dogfish Brewery in Milton, DE! If you know me, I am not a fan of IPAs. I didn’t find an IPA I liked until I tried Dogfish’s. After that, I’ve slowly started to enjoy more (but still not a lot!) IPAs.

For $65, attendees received a ceramic event coaster, event tasting glass, this event tasting journal, along with 14 exclusive beer samples with their food pairings.

Although Phil doesn’t love beer, I think he enjoyed the event because of all the food we got to eat while we drank!

Luckily for us but unluckily for the person next to us… they bit into the tomato and splattered juice all over their top.

My favorite beer pairing was the one that was paired with the fresh oysters. They were shucking them as people went up! 😮 Yum!

You bet we went back to the oyster table for more oysters even though we were done with our beer! 😀

Although all of the brewery tours were booked, we were able to check out the Steampunk Treehouse. This was actually one of the art exhibits at Burning Man! Although the artist donated the art piece to them for free, it cost Dogfish Brewery $75K to transport this to the site. Crazy!

The last beer we had was hidden away in a little room. We overheard some people say they didn’t like this beer because it was cocktail-y, so we had to see for ourselves. Before we went to get our sample, we actually asked the guy manning the check in table if we could have one of their extra VIP glasses. The VIP glasses are a little bigger, so we ended up getting a bigger pour. (If only we got those bigger VIP glasses earlier!)

Overall, the event was really fun and totally worth the $65! We got to try all these different beers while checking out the Dogfish facility.

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