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{travel} christine and phillip in DC: thip khao and baked & wired

May 6, 2017

After getting back to DC from the Weekend of Compelling Ales and Whatnot event in Delaware on Saturday, we got some &pizza (which I really, really, really wanted to try last time) and just drank a few more beers at home. Chillin’ at the apartment was really nice after being out and about all day.

Sunday was our very last day in DC (nooooo…), and we wanted to hit up just two more spots! The first was Thip Khao, and the second was Baked & Wired.

This Laotian restaurant was featured on many DC must eats lists, so we definitely had to make our trek over to eat here. Parking around this restaurant is pretty horrendous, but we got lucky when we snagged a spot after driving around a few neighborhood streets. The restaurant is clean and modern, with big open windows in the front that lets in lots of natural light. Although it was pretty dreary and cold that day, it wasn’t terribly dark outside.

Between the three of us, we decided to order everything that sounded delicious and everything exotic. You can order off the standard menu, or you can order off the “jungle menu.” Obviously, we went with the latter. We had pig’s blood sausages, fried pig’s ears, minced alligator (yum!), fermented snake head, crispy catfish, spicy goat curry stew. Surprisingly, we were able to finish almost all of the six dishes we ordered! Everything was that delicious. With Fiola Mare as a fantastic first meal in DC, I was glad Thip Khao was a fantastic last meal.

Catching some last glimpses of the cherry blossoms!

After lunch, it was time for dessert! Starr had mentioned before that although Georgetown Cupcakes is very popular among tourists (there’s always a line around the block!), Baked & Wired was the place to be. The line for this cupcake shop is also out the door, but don’t fret, it moves fast. We didn’t have to stand in the cold for too long.

Once you get through their doors, you are greeted with tons of 4/20 swag and cookie jars.

Their cupcakes are all so pretty and have such funny names. I really wanted to try their Dirty Chai since so many Yelpers rave about it, but sadly, they were out already. I just went with my safe choice and ordered a Red Velvet.

The cupcakes are huge in size and totally worth the $4 you’re paying. I like the ratio of the icing to the cake. It’s perfect because the icing does not overpower the cake like most cupcakes. I also like that the overall cupcake isn’t as sweet. That way, I can actually enjoy the whole thing without thinking about how many miles I’d have to run afterwards. 🙂

The store is pretty small, so you might have trouble finding a seat. Cozy up!

Then we were off to the airport to head back to the bay! Before our trip, my coworkers were all telling me, “Oh my gosh, you and Phil are going on an across-the-country trip together. You guys are getting serious!” I’d then reply that it was an ultimate test to see if I can stand being with him 24/7 for four days.

When they asked how the trip went, I said with a straight face that it went fine, but Phil and I parted ways at SFO. They were shocked, hahah. (Luckily for him, we are still together.) To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the trip did go. Phil was always down to try new restaurants, do touristy things, and also relax when needed. Our travel styles did align pretty well!

When we landed in SFO, my sweet sister was already there waiting for us. Since she just got back from vacation herself and didn’t eat dinner before picking us up, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant close by the airport to dine. It was raining that night so a bowl of pho and bun bo hue was perfect!

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