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May 9, 2017

March is always filled with fun events, especially since it’s my birth month! This year was extra fun because I got to travel to DC again. 🙂

It was cool going to a sake-tasting-networking event that ended up being a real singles event. The singles event part was a bit weird, but the sake tasting part was definitely really cool! Who knew a gem like this existed in Berkeley?


I haven’t had Kickin’ Crab in a while, so Phil and I ordered some to take home. And by some, I mean three pounds of shrimp, garlic noodles, sausages, sweet potato friends, and calamari. Go big or go home right?

My mom and pops went to Taiwan for a couple of weeks in March, so my siblings and I treated them out for some dim sum beforehand they left. Then we had to feed ourselves… thankfully we’re all still alive. 🙂

Finally got to try Sotto Mare in San Francisco… and with Starr and Ben!

Got to celebrate the bride-to-be Linda at her bridal shower!

Got to learn how to make zong zi and afterwards celebrated my birthday with my friends.

Visited DC to check out the cherry blossoms with Phil!

At the end of the month, I got to see the Game of Thrones concert, which was amazing! Seeing the performances and hearing the pieces live was pretty awesome. Time flew by as we listened to song after song and saw scenes after scenes from past seasons.

On the last day of March, I went to a TAP (Taiwanese American Professionals) networking event with a few of my lady friends. Always a good time with them!

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