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{event} uc davis aggies event: san jose earthquakes soccer game

May 13, 2017

When my sister asked me if I wanted to go to a San Jose Earthquakes event back in April, which was also an UC Davis Aggies Alumni event, I said sure, why not? To be honest, as much as I like sports, soccer doesn’t really appeal to me. It seems to drag on because the players have to run (so far!) and scoring is not very high. It’s definitely a slower paced version of hockey… but on a field. I’ve never been to Avaya Stadium, which is right next to the San Jose Airport, so I was interested in seeing what a soccer stadium looks like! Avaya Stadium is home to Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes. The stadium is fairly new (opened in 2015) and seats about 18,000 people.

After work, Steph and I headed over to Phil’s house for dinner. Since he works close to Chick-Fil-A, he picked up dinner for us! 🙂

Avaya Stadium features the steepest raked seating in Major League Soccer so fans can enjoy the best views. The city of San Jose didn’t provide any money in building this stadium, and the owner of the San Jose Earthquakes also offered to pay for this stadium’s maintenance for 55 years!

We headed over to the UC Davis tent and grabbed some stickers, car decal, and our UC Davis x San Jose Earthquakes scarves! It must’ve been college night or something because we saw tents for San Jose State, Stanford, and other schools. Since Phil didn’t get tickets through his college (and because I got his ticket), he ended up getting a UC Davis scarf instead.

After we got our swag, we headed over to the stadium’s bar. This bar is special because it is the largest outdoor bar in America. Cool stuff!

“Prom pose!”

LOXi girls!

At the end of the game, we were able to take a group picture with all the other UC Davis alumni. And then we got to meet Quincy Amarikwa, who was also an alum! It’s crazy because both Quincy and his wife are our age and are alumni too. His wife was chatting with us after he signed out posters, and she is the sweetest!

At Davis, he played 77 games (in four seasons) and recorded 31 goals. When he was a senior, he led the team to the second round of the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history. By the time he left college, he was top five in number of goals and points in UC Davis history. (Seriously, what am I doing with my life? This guy majored in biology sciences, killed it in the soccer game, and was able to keep a steady relationship!? #goals #soccergoals)

When we saw Q, the Earthquake’s mascot, we ran to him to get a picture. Awesome!

The soccer game was actually a lot of fun! Although we weren’t too sure which colored jerseys we were cheering for at the beginning (thanks strangers next to us who clarified for us!), we definitely got by with our limited knowledge of soccer. It definitely was chillier than I’m used to, but that’s something alcohol took care of. Would I check out another game? Most likely!

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