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{travel} shieh sibs in LA: little tokyo and the broad

June 6, 2017

After we checked out The Last Bookstore, we walked over to Little Tokyo so we could make it to our lunch reservations at Sushi Gen. Pro tip: they only have reservations at 11:15am – if you don’t have reservations, you’ll just have to wait in line like everyone else. We mistakenly thought our reservations were at 11:30am, so since we missed it, we got placed on the list of people waiting to dine here. The wait isn’t over an hour, but it definitely isn’t great if you are getting hangry!

Sushi Gen has a lunch special sashimi platter that most people order. Three years ago, it was only $15. Now it’s $17… in my opinion, still a steal! After you get seated, service is pretty quick.

I wasn’t a fan of the salmon cause it was a bit overcooked, and the toro (which I saved for last) was a little too fatty for me. But who am I to complain about big cuts of sashimi?

Since we had some time to kill before our ticketed time at The Broad, we stopped by Far Bar. It was dark and pub-ish, and the servers were very friendly. Their Old Fashioned was pretty alcohol heavy, which was perfect. We were able to catch the beginning of their happy hour before we had to head out to the museum, so that was pretty cool. (My brothers definitely gave me crap about using their menu as a coaster for my photo…)

Once we got to The Broad, we went straight for the ticket holders line and got right in. Since The Broad is just 1.5 years old, it’s a very, very popular museum. To avoid getting in the horrendous line (since they only let a limited number of people in), make sure to grab tickets on their website. The tickets come out at noon on the first day of the month before your visit date. So say you wanted to go on August 15, you have to check the website on July 1st. If you want to visit the Infinity Room, there is a separate line inside the museum. Try to get tickets to get into the museum for early in the morning so you can get in line to get those tickets.

When I got the tickets for The Broad for our May trip, I ended up getting two sets – one was at 3:30pm on Friday to avoid crowds, and another was at 10:30am on Saturday so we can check out the Infinity Room. To save time, we decided to explore the museum itself on Friday, and then go back on Saturday to get tickets for the Infinity Room.

I obviously didn’t touch the paintings, but I got in trouble for touching all the art pieces that I thought were touchable. Oops…


For dinner, we wanted to eat both ramen from Daikokuya and udon from Marugame Monzo… so we decided to do just that! Since we were already in line for Daikokuya, which surprisingly wasn’t too long for a Friday night peak dinner time, we got to devour some tasty ramen and dipping ramen first.

Afterwards, we headed next door for some uni udon! This dish, although good, was a little too creamy for my taste, so I’m glad we shared it. The udon was cooked perfectly… almost as good as the stuff we had in Japan and Taiwan!

The Hot Dragon Udon was made with paitan soup topped with spicy ground pork and bean sprouts. This was my first time having a spicy-ish udon soup, and it was delectable! The udon in both bowls were cooked to perfection… if only we had a place like this in the bay area, I’d be golden.

At night, we went to Beer Belly to relax, and then we wanted to check out this Korean spot next door that seemed really poppin’. There were tons of tables full of food and drinks, but because most tables were full and the service catered toward Koreans, we were SOL. We ended up just going back to our hotel to chill.

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