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July 4, 2017

June was an exciting month because of many fun event with friends… and the NBA Playoffs!

For Game 2, Tina invited us over to Jon’s place to watch the game and celebrate Jon’s birthday. Since Phil is a Lebron fan, I turned up my shit talking. 🙂 After the game, he told me we can’t watch basketball together anymore because he can’t stand all the smack I say. What a hater…

Before we went to Pearl and Chris’ wedding, we stopped by Hog Island Oysters for lunch. Phil finally got to try the famous clam chowder! 🙂

It was a beautiful day in the city!

The day after the wedding, we headed back to San Francisco for Sotto Mare. Too bad I was so hungover… I only had a scoop of the cioppino and a bite of the risotto. I’m still a little traumatized from that open bar experience, so I haven’t had much to drink since then…

Phil joined me and Neil for errands one day, and we had QQ Noodle, Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks, and TeaTop. We live the fat life…

Phil and I went to support my sister’s friend’s optometry practice, STL Optometry, and got our eyes checked. Turns out, we both needed glasses, so I’m excited to pick them up when they’re ready! After our appointments, we went out to dinner at Cascal with my mom, my sister, and our doctor Kelly.

Cheesecake from La Baguette (in the Stanford shopping center) is soooooo good!

I went to another Nightlife event with the ladies! The butterfly room seemed pretty cool, but the huge butterflies are pretty scary…

Happy Father’s Day to my cute pops!

During Pearl and Chris’ wedding, Phil and I made a drunken bet on the Warriors-Cavs game 5. Loser has to buy the winner their Apple Watch. Good thing the Warriors won! 😉 The Apple Watch is very neat to have, but definitely not necessary. I do like that I don’t pick up my phone as much anymore, and I can send my boyfriend my heartbeat!

At the end of June, we went to one of Phil’s friend’s graduation party. Desiree had just finished Stanford med school (smarty pants!), so she was celebrating with her friends with a Hawaiian theme get together. Phil and I were the undefeated cornhole champions! >:] His friends thought we were in secret frats that play cornhole every weekend. I’m unsure myself how I’m this good… but whatever! It feels good to be a winner!

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  • Reply Starr July 4, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    Oh dang I didn’t know Phil had to buy you an Apple Watch, that’s a good drunk bet ;P

    I’m so jealous you guys went back to Sotto Mare, I want to go back to try the risotto and stuff my face with more cioppino and get more of that Hog Island clam chowder too! <3

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