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{travel} christine and phillip in LA: universal studios and the broad museum

July 8, 2017

After our trip to DC, Phillip and I were looking forward to our next trip… Orange County and Los Angeles! Originally, the trip was just for the two of us, but then Phil invited his mom and brothers because they haven’t been back to Los Angeles in years. (They lived there for ten years before moving to the bay area.) I was in charge of putting together the itinerary, but it wasn’t too hard since two out of the four days was spent at amusement parks! Phil’s mom and two brothers, Ed and Will, arrived in Los Angeles earlier in the day, while Phil and I flew out of San Jose after work. Unfortunately for us (and the other people flying to the John Wayne airport in Santa Ana), a small plane holding two people crashed near the airport on the 405 earlier that morning. This caused a ripple effect of delays. Since our flight was the latest at 8:10pm, we got delayed not once but twice. When we actually got to the airport and inquired about the delay, the lady at the counter told us if they couldn’t find us a plane before 9:50pm, they would have to cancel our flight. For those that don’t know, the John Wayne airport has a curfew that prohibits departures from 10pm – 7am every day except Sundays (10pm – 8am). The Orange County Board of Supervisors extended this curfew all the way through 2035! You might have to fact check me on this, but the curfew is because all the rich people who live around the area don’t like the noise too late in the night or too early in the day.

If you know me, I hate hate hate being late. So when we got the first notification of our delayed flight, I started freaking out because that meant me and Phil would be a little late to our reservations at The Blind Rabbit. This speakeasy-like bar is located in Anaheim Packing District, and is so hidden that they don’t even have a phone number. (I freaked out even more because I didn’t want to get penalized for being late, and I really wanted to communicate with them about us running late.) I ended up sending them a really apologetic email telling them about the situation. Thankfully, I received a reply when we go to the airport. When we found out our flight was delayed even more, my heart sunk because we would only be able to hang out at the bar for 30 minutes before they closed. I was pretty sad because I wanted Phil to check it out. Phil’s mom and brothers ended up going first and enjoyed it very much! After we landed, Phil and I darted out of the airport and jumped into our Uber. Our Uber rider knew we were in a rush to get drinks (hah), so he hella stepped on it. 🙂 We were able to get a drink or two, and I’m glad Phil’s family really liked this bar!

Because our reservations were at 10pm, everything in the Anaheim Packing District was closed. It still looked eerily cool!

The next morning, we stopped by Brodard Restaurant for breakfast. We ordered their famous shrimp and pork nem nuong, noodles, and other Vietnamese dishes. I love the fried eggroll skin they have in these spring rolls!

Then we were off to Universal Studios! First stop was obviously, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 🙂

Universal Studios was surprisingly not that packed (even for July 4th weekend). The trick to getting on all the rides without waiting in horrendous lines is to go through the single riders line. I mean, let’s be real, you don’t need to sit with your group for most of the rides, right? We were able to go through all the rides we wanted to in 6-7 hours.

After a day of fun, we were ready to feast on some AYCE KBBQ at Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant. Like we guessed, there was a 2 hour wait… we were all pretty hungry already, so we just pre-gamed with a little bit of food, beer, and soju next door at Cafe Nandarang.

Two and a half hours later, our party finally gets seated! It’s a good thing I come from a big family because I’m well versed in the Hunger Games-like meals. Basically, if you don’t fend for yourself around the Leu brothers, you’ll go hungry. Luckily, Phil always made sure there were pieces of delicious Korean BBQ meat on my plate.

The next morning, we were supposed to get breakfast at Grand Central Market, but since people slept in a little long than planned, we went straight to The Broad since we had 10am tickets (I had to grab these a month in advance!). We wanted to be sure to be part of the first wave of people to get into the museum so we didn’t have to wait too long to check out Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. Since we were the first 20 people, we didn’t even have to go to the ticketing booth to get tickets. Sweet! Phil gave up his individual 45 seconds because he wanted to experience the infinity room with me. :O Turns out, he just wanted me to take pictures for him. Lols, half kidding. 🙂

#doitforthegram (and then Ed got in trouble because people couldn’t sit or lay down on the ground…)

Leu brothers: 1, 2, and 3!

Opened just two years ago, there have been over 1 million people who’ve visited already. The two story space houses 2,000 pieces of contemporary art and rotating exhibitions. It’s no wonder the standby line wraps around the building at any given time. But really, try to avoid the line, and just grab tickets early!

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