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{travel} christine and phillip in LA: grand central market and smorgasburg

July 11, 2017

My original plan was for us to dine at Grand Central Market for breakfast, walk around The Broad, and then have lunch at Smorgasburg. However, since we weren’t able to make it to Grand Central Market pre-museum, we went afterwards. It was close to lunch time, so the place was cracking already! I instantly went to wait in line for Eggslut so the rest of them could walk around and check out the other food stands.

The line for Eggslut (if you’re on the left side of the entrance or the third wall of the line) ended up being 50 minutes to an hour… with another 10 minutes to wait for the food to be ready. My legs were about to fall off from standing that long!

Phil and his brothers went to wait in the long line at the taco stand right next to Eggslut. They actually ran out of a lot of stuff pretty early on, so we were only able to try the chicharron tacos (which I thought were whatever) and carnitas tacos. They didn’t put as much sauce as we’d like, but their meat portions are definitely plentiful!

Phil and I finished our tacos while in line for Eggslut. There was no waiting to eat when we were getting hangry!

I was pretty dehydrated, so Phil and I got some frozen lemonade from Press Brothers Juicery. $8 is pretty steep, but this drink definitely rejuvenated me!

While we were waiting for our sandwiches from Eggslut, we saw hella cop cars and shouting outside. We turned around and saw a Trump protest.

With the amount of people, cops had to close down parts of the streets! Pretty crazy… later when we were leaving the area, we saw a group of Trump supporters rally against this huge group of people. :O


We ordered more food than I thought we should’ve! I kept reminded the group that we needed to save space because our next stop was also a food stop. But hey, we’re on vacation, so eat as much as you can, right?

Off to Smorgasburg, which is a weekly Sunday market for food, shopping, and drinks. When you type in the address, it will lead you to a parking lot (that you should park at!). We were confused at first because we didn’t see the market anywhere. Just park at the parking structure, which is free for two hours, and then once you walk out of the lot, you’ll see the market. This market is located at the Alameda Produce Market and houses tons of food vendors.

When Phil and I saw Shrimp Daddy and Chichi Dango, we immediately got in the long line. We follow stirandstyle on Instagram, and this is her and her friend’s creation, so we wanted to check it out. Plus it was 83+ degrees, so we wanted to cool down with some shaved ice. We opted out of the Hawaiian style garlic shrimp plate because it was $14! And you only get 4 pieces of shrimp! No thank you… I’ll get the real stuff in Hawaii sometime!

We spotted Hot Star! For those that don’t know, Hot Star is this famous stall in the Shilin Night Market (and now in many other night markets) that sell huge chicken cutlets. They’re so popular, they can sell as many as 3,000 cutlets in just one night! After they franchised, you can find Hot Star in other locations throughout Asia, Australia, and Canada. The first place they open a Hot Star in America? In the San Gabriel Valley, of course!

With a huge population of Taiwanese people, they know people would enjoy the large chicken breast that is pounded flat, coated with flour, herbs, and spices and then fried. If you ask me, no Taiwanese dish in America comes close to what you get in Taiwan. I’ve heard from people who’ve tried Hot Star in SGV, and they all say the cutlets are a lot smaller than the ones you get at Shilin. Also, the price in America is $10 for an order, while you pay a measly couple of dollars in Taiwan! For our trip at Smorgasburg, we decided not to get a chicken cutlet because it was too hot to enjoy a fried chicken breast!

Although it was super hot (it was almost unbearable to be standing in the sun), there were still tons of people at the event. Thankfully, there’s a beer garden area with lots of tables and shade. We were able to snag a table, so we could enjoy our cold desserts and drinks.

The Hawaiian shaved ice from Chichi Dango was a life saver and really cooled us down. However, when you look at the $10 price tag… you kind of wonder if it’s worth it.

It was really too hot to enjoy any hot foods, so we only got shaved ice and flavored teas to drink. Then we were out of there!

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