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August 8, 2017

After my Disneyland posts, I ran out of material for my blog… hence the two week silence. Oops! I did feel really guilty because I was on track for keeping up with my two-posts-a-week schedule. I blame my new job! Once I started working at Mapbox, my social life quickly declined. Some days I worked the regular 8 hours, and other days I worked 10 to 11 hours. I was lucky if I had the energy to put dinner into my mouth when I got home (semi-exaggerating). On the weekends, I just want to stay home and/or go to Phil’s place to vegetate. So in July, I kept it pretty low key and didn’t do anything big and spontaneous!

After I got back from LA, Steph and I went to Santa Clara for dinner at Jang Su Jang (still hella bomb!) and then got our haircuts. I chopped off about a foot of my hair, so I feel free as a bird again! Most girls like long hair, but I dig the short hair better. It’s low maintenance and cuter for the summer. 🙂

During my funemployment days, Tina came up to Fremont for lunch! We got to try Soo Ja Fusion Bistro‘s seafood rice cake soup, kimbap, and bulgogi fries. The kimbap and fries were whatever, but that seafood rice cake soup was delicious! They definitely don’t skimp, so we got bowl after bowl of shrimp, mussels, calamari, and homemade rice cakes. I liked this restaurant so much, I took Phil here again a few days later!

July 10th: first day of work at Mapbox! We had onboarding for three days, and I felt like it was the longest three days of my life. We went through presentations with every team, and it was exhausting because everything was so technical. Since my role is an executive assistant and I don’t have any technical background, I felt like I was just drowning in information that I probably don’t need/won’t use/don’t understand anyways. But once onboarding was over, and I got to dive deeper into my work, I felt more relaxed.

Mid-July, I came out of retirement and went to a rave with Phil, Clay, Neil, and Angela. When Phil and Clay talked about getting tickets for Audiotistic weeks ago, I realized how old I was aka I looked at the lineup,  and I didn’t know any of the DJs. o__o Guess that’s what happens when you go into retirement! Before we headed to the event, the group met up at Phil’s house for Sen Dai sushi, soju, and beers. It was pretty awesome getting to spend some quality time with Neil’s girlfriend and getting to know her better. 🙂 When we got to the event, it was still blazing hot, so our buzz wore off instantly. Damn you, sun! You made me pay $10 for a can of crappy beer!

I can definitely say I know why I don’t go to these kinds of things anymore – so many bros and so many girls wearing almost-nothing-but-a-smile. The ten year gap between 18 and 28 is quite big, I tell ya! But I do remember why I used to like these things – it’s freaking fun to dance to awesome music. Now, I’m not into that rave life, but I enjoyed hanging out with this crew so much that we got tickets to see Illenium in San Francisco and Odesza in Berkeley later on in the year. (What is adulting?)

A few days after Audiotistic, Neil took his PCAT, and scored in the 99th percentile. I swear, all of the smart genes went to him! We celebrated by going out to Gen Korean BBQ House.

That following weekend, we went to San Mateo for some ramen at Ramen Dojo! It probably wasn’t the best day to eat ramen because it was a really, really hot day. There was no AC unit in the restaurant, so we were sweating balls. Afterwards, we went to watch Dunkirk… which was just an okay movie in my book although Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96% rating.

On the last Thursday of the month, some of my friends came over to visit my new office and then the group went to eat dinner at The Bird. It’s always good to see my SF friends! 🙂

The most significant thing that happened in July was my brothers finally turned 21! That means we don’t have to sneakily push beer or shot glasses towards them at restaurants, and we can openly drink at bars together! Clay went to San Francisco that weekend to celebrate with his friends, but we took Neil out to downtown San Jose for drinks. Well, we pregamed a little too hard (a bottle of Jameson Caskmates, two bottles of beer, 2.5 shots of Blue Label, etc.) at Phil’s house so Neil didn’t last long in DTSJ… oops. That just means we have to take him downtown again sometime soon!

Boiling Point! As much as I love BP in Los Angeles, the NorCal ones just don’t match up! Portions are smaller, prices are higher, and service is worse. 🙁 I can’t believe a large costs $20! At that price point, I’d rather pay 5 more dollars to eat at an AYCE hot pot place…

July was pretty chill, but looking forward to the coming months… I have my trip to Philadelphia/Boston with my sister in a few days and a few more trips in progress. Cheers to the second half of the year! Time flies, doesn’t it?

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