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{travel} christine and phillip in DC: visiting museums and zaytina

April 25, 2017

When I visited DC two years ago, I was amazed by the museums. Not only was I excited that there were so many located next to each other, I was surprised that they were free to visit. I mean all the museums in the bay area cost at least $15 for one person! Back then, I even jokingly told myself that it was be great to live in DC if I was dating someone because I’d just go to museum dates every weekend. Fast forward to this year, and I got to visit DC and go on a museum date with my boyfriend. πŸ™‚

Out of all the museums I visited with Starr before, my favorite was the National Air and Space Museum. Since Phillip didn’t get to check out this museum during his last trip to DC, that’s where we went!

I didn’t get to take many pictures because I was too busy reading the labels of every exhibit. πŸ™‚

Starr had suggested we check out the National Gallery of Art, and wow!

The lush indoor gardens was so pretty! I think we spent the longest there just admiring theΒ plants, taking photos, and enjoying that natural light.

We finished walking around the art museum and headed over to Zaytinya because we had dinner plans with Will. Zaytinya is one of Jose Andres restaurants, and some even call it his DC jewel.

They start off your meal with this fluffy pita bread.

Eggplant and Brussels Sprouts

Kebab tasting platter with lamb, chicken, and beef

A full bronzino

With dinner, we ordered a carafe of Pom Fili, which was a specialty cocktail made with white wine, vodka, and pomegranate. It definitely paired well with all the Greek food we ate!

travel washington dc

{travel} christine and phillip in DC: cherry blossom pop up bar and momofuku

April 22, 2017

Before my trip, StarrΒ had linked me to many Instagram photos of this Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar in DC. Taking place at Mockingbird Hill andΒ Southern Efficiency, Derek Brown and his teamΒ turned this barΒ into a cherry blossom and Super Mario Brothers paradise. The whole process took just six weeks!

Although I was more amazed by the cherry blossoms half of the bar, it was definitely easier to get drinks at the bar in Super Mario World. I loved the hanging lights and decor!

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travel washington dc

{event} christine and phillip in DC: cherry blossoms at the tidal basin

April 18, 2017

After a delicious first meal at Fiola Mare, Phil and I knew we had to walk it off. I mean, we did just eat a salad, two types of ravioli, veggies, fish, and a pound of calamari! Although the weather was a bit on the chilly side, it felt nice to walk a little more than a mile to the Tidal BasinΒ to check out the cherry blossoms.

Instead of busting out our iPhones to use GoogleMaps, we actually just went towards the direction of the Washington Monument. Now, the Washington Monument isn’t actually on the Tidal Basin, but since it’s so tall, you can see it anywhere around the Tidal Basin.

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travel washington dc

{travel} christine and phillip in DC: fiola mare

April 15, 2017

Two years ago, I went to DC to see the cherry blossoms and to visit Starr. This year, I went to DC with Phil to see the cherry blossoms, visit Starr, and meet Phil’s brother William! This was our first trip together, so of course it was both exciting and a bit nerve wrecking. The latter was because I feel like going on a trip is a big test to any relationship (or friendship). You have to spend all day with someone else and deal with how they travel. I was praying to all the gods that he traveled like Steph or Tina aka down to do anything and everything. If he did, then we’d be dandy!

Phil and I both took two days off from work so we could enjoy four solid days in DC. Although both of us usually fly Southwest, we found a flight with just an hour layover in Boston to DC on JetBlue and then a nonstop flight back on Sunday on Virgin. When we deplaned in Boston, it was 27 degrees. How do people live like this!? When the flight attendant saw me legit shivering, he told us, “Don’t worry, it will be warmer in DC. Like 3 degrees warmer.” Thanks, dude. #cry

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{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: last day in the motherland

March 11, 2017

After we ate lunch and got back to Taipei,Β we got ready to go out again. It was our last day in Taiwan, so we wanted to make the most of it! Since Clay and Neil never went up the Elephant Mountain for a hike to see the views of Taipei, we decided to do that first before it got dark. A lot of people actually prefer to hike it later in the day so they could see the sunset, but I heard there were tons of mosquitoes at night… and I’m not about that life.

Obviously, my brothers and their long legs got all the way up with no problem. Steph and I were huffing and puffing the whole way up, hah. When we did get to the top, we saw that we completed it in 15 minutes! Last year, it took us longer cause we kept taking breaks.

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