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{travel} shieh sibs in hong kong: yat lok, PMQ headquarters, and fei jie

February 18, 2017

After we left the magical world of Hong Kong Disneyland, my siblings and I were on the hunt for some food since we were starving. Instead of checking out one of the restaurants on our itinerary, Clay and Neil suggested we just walk around and try a restaurant we think will be good. That sounded fair since we dragged them to all the top-rated-restaurants for most of our trip.

We stumbled upon a restaurant that had a kitchen close to the entrance. We peeked in and immediately liked what the chef was putting together. Although there was no line around the block, the restaurant was still buzzing with activity. We sat down, and the server immediately started to chat us up asking us if we were twins. Then she recommended a few dishes, and we patiently waited for our food to arrive.

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hong kong travel

{travel} shieh sibs in hong kong: hong kong disneyland (part 2)

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hope you are celebrating it with your lover, your gals, or just Netflix. 🙂 But also remember, loving yourself is the most important!

I always feel bad when I write very short (and let’s be honest, really crappy) posts because I don’t feel motivated or I don’t have time. Currently, my excuse is the latter, but also because this post is about Disneyland… so do you really need words when you can just look at the pictures?

Like it said before, I really think having the “Disneyland is the happiest place on earth” mentality really brightened our moods. Steph, Clay, Neil, and I were all very excited about the attractions and were all happily taking pictures/snapping to our friends. (Usually half of us are over the pictures, can you guess which half?)

Back story, we asked a nice lady to take this photo of us, and her husband was not having it. Someone needs to inject him with some Disney magic… At least he gave our picture some character, hah. :3

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hong kong travel

{travel} shieh sibs in hong kong: hong kong disneyland (part 1)

February 11, 2017

The day was finally here… we’re going to Hong Kong Disneyland! Steph and I were really happy when we visited Tokyo Disney Sea last year, so we were excited to see what Hong Kong Disneyland was all about. Opened in 2005, this Disneyland incorporated Chinese culture (like building the park so it followed the rules of feng shui) and customs to appeal to the Chinese population. The thing we noticed about this Disneyland was definitely that the rides were toned way down. The scary ones weren’t very scary, and the thrilling ones weren’t very… well, thrilling.

To get to the Disneyland Resort located on Lantau Island, you take the MTR to Sunny Bay station and then jump on the Disney Resort line. It’s only one stop away, but during those few minutes, you can enjoy all the Mickeys on the trains.

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hong kong travel

{travel} shieh sibs in hong kong: kau kee, australian dairy company, and yee shun milk company

February 7, 2017

When we were finished with all the fun stuff up top at Victoria Peak, we headed back down via taxi because we didn’t want to wait in the long line. Taking the taxi ended up being around the same price as if we all paid for the trolley to take us back down. So if you have four people in your group, definitely just get an uber or taxi if you’re visiting Victoria Peak. I know the trolley ride is part of the “experience,” but standing in line for hours isn’t part of the experience I like. (Oh my god, am I getting old? Only old people hate standing in line, right!?)

The taxi dropped us off, and we walked over to St. John’s Cathedral. This cathedral is one of five cathedrals in the city, and it’s actually the only land that is not owned by the Hong Kong government. The hours on the website said they closed at 6pm, but when we went at 4pm, a guy was shooing all the visitors away and closed the doors/windows. No explanation at all! Kind of rude, but what’s new in Hong Kong?

Besides checking out the cathedral, another religious place we visited was Man Mo Temple. This popular little temple is dedicated to  King Emperor Man and Holy King Emperor Kwan.

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hong kong travel

{travel} shieh sibs in hong kong: tim ho wan, victoria peak, and mak’s noodle

February 4, 2017

One of the things I was looking forward to when we visited Hong Kong was the opportunity to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant for an affordable price. Mak Kwai-pui, a former chef of three Michelin starred restaurant Lung King Heen, opened the first Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok. Five different branches were opened later in Hong Kong, three of which also received a Michelin star. The location we went to in Olympian City shopping mall? The original branch of Tim Ho Wan actually moved there because of rent increases. In 2013, Tim Ho Wan started to expand overseas – the Philippines, Australia, Taiwan (we actually saw this branch a few days later!), and the newest branch opened in New York!

Olympian City is HUGE! So huge that they have Olympian City, Olympian City II, and Olympian III. In true Hong Kong form, this mall is perfect for those that are looking to shop for hours. They have big food courts, restaurants, clothing stores, and basically everything.

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