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{travel} tinatine and stephleen: balboa park

July 10, 2016

Since visiting the San Diego Air and Space Museum for the Yelp Supersitious Soiree event, I was intrigued by Balboa Park. The 1,200 acre park is filled with grassy walkways, theaters, 16 gardens, restaurants, gift shops, 16 museums, and the famous San Diego Zoo. After visiting the Hillcrest Farmers Market and T Deli, Kat drove us all to Balboa Park. We circled around a little and then found parking inside the park. (There is free parking along the streets!)

2016-05-15 13.40.50-1Since it was a beautiful Sunday (but really, when is the weather horrible in San Diego?), the park was full of people enjoying the day.

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san diego travel

{travel} tinatine and stephleen: hillcrest farmers market

July 7, 2016

Now that I’ve booked flights for Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the upcoming months, I feel like I should really try and catch up on my blogging. It also doesn’t help that my boss has been randomly asking me how my blog is coming along. Then I feel like a bad parent neglecting their child. The guilt! It eats me alive!

… But then I plop down and start watching kdramas, and all the guilt goes away. If you’re looking for a good kdrama to watch, Evonne, my brother Neil, and I have been obsessed with Doctor Crush lately. I have the biggest girl crush on Park Shin Hye, and when she has scenes Kim Rae Won… my mouth gets tired from smiling too hard and my heart is so full. (I first watched Kim Rae Won act in Attic Cat, and that was back in 2003. Thirteen years later? Still a hottie. *swoon*)

2016-05-15 11.11.20But like Evonne said, I shouldn’t mix fantasy land of dramas with real life. Bummer.

For our last day in San Diego, I planned for us to check out the Hillcrest Farmers Market. I had read about this gem on Tiffany and Michael’s blog, and the fresh uni was the selling point. Turns out, the whole farmers market was freaking awesome! After circling around the neighborhood for what felt like forever, we ended up parking farther away and getting an Uber that dropped us off in front of the entrance. Then we beelined for Poppa’s Fresh Fish stall.

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san diego travel

{travel} tinatine and stephleen: yelp spring break – carnival picnic

July 5, 2016

Although we had a full day planned for Saturday, we decided to sleep in a bit since we were on vacation anyways. Once we woke up, we got ready to head to San Diego’s most popular restaurant: Phil’s BBQ. There are four different Phil’s locations, but since the one we went to had elevent thousand reviews… we figured that was the OG location. (Bonnie had also mentioned that the original location was the best.)

2016-05-14 11.47.03Surprisingly, when we arrived at 11:30a (and they open at 11a), the line was almost non-existent. It did start filling up quickly after we ordered and got seated though. By the time we finished ripping every bite of meat off the bones, there were many people circling the tables like hawks waiting for people to leave the tables.

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san diego travel

{travel} tinatine and stephleen: yelp spring break – superstitious soiree

June 26, 2016

After a much needed nap back at our Airbnb, we got ready to go to our second Yelp Spring Break event: the Superstitious Soiree at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. We got all dressed up because the event had an Alfred Hitchcock theme. The whole venue was decorated with a bunch of “unlucky” superstitious decor like open umbrellas, (fake) broken glass, black cats, and other things. The people in care of the decor really went all out!

2016-05-13 19.49.51Friday the 13th, and I was feeling lucky!

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san diego travel

{travel} tinatine and stephleen: yelp spring break – brewventure bolt tour

June 25, 2016

After seeing how much fun Starr had at last year’s Yelp Spring Break, I had to go to this year’s Yelp Spring Break… especially since it was in San Diego! I’ve been to San Diego twice before, but both times weren’t particularly memorable. This trip was different though – I had a ton of fun with my sister and our best friends!

2016-05-12 17.12.44-1After work on Thursday, Steph Caltrained up to the city so we could check out the newly opened Lemonade. Some people might find it overrated, but I really like this cafeteria style restaurant chain from Southern California. They’re planning to open five more locations in the bay area, so that’s very exciting. (The Palo Alto location just opened, woohoo!)

Lemonade is vegetable focused, so that’s why at the beginning of the food line, you’ll see a huge variety of salads. After you get your veggie fix, you can pick up some “land and sea” items, sandwiches, and hot dishes. Their truffle mac and cheese is one of the most popular hot dishes. I’ve been back to Lemonade a couple of times, and every salad I’ve tried has been delicious!

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