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{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: last day in the motherland

March 11, 2017

After we ate lunch and got back to Taipei, we got ready to go out again. It was our last day in Taiwan, so we wanted to make the most of it! Since Clay and Neil never went up the Elephant Mountain for a hike to see the views of Taipei, we decided to do that first before it got dark. A lot of people actually prefer to hike it later in the day so they could see the sunset, but I heard there were tons of mosquitoes at night… and I’m not about that life.

Obviously, my brothers and their long legs got all the way up with no problem. Steph and I were huffing and puffing the whole way up, hah. When we did get to the top, we saw that we completed it in 15 minutes! Last year, it took us longer cause we kept taking breaks.

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taiwan travel

{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: visiting family in kaohsiung

March 7, 2017

After our little adventure in Tainan, my siblings and I jumped back onto the high speed rail and headed down to Kaohsiung. Most of my dad’s side of the family is in Kaohsiung, so they were all excited to see my brothers since they haven’t in a few years. (I hope they were excited to see us too even though we saw them just a year ago?)

Clay and Neil commented that Kaohsiung looked a bit different since the last time they were back. To me? It looked about the same – a little less citylike than Taipei.

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taiwan travel

{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: myst and tainan

March 4, 2017

When we were planning our Asia trip, my siblings and I definitely talked about going out to bars and whatnot since the legal age is 18. But I did have reservations about going clubbing with my brothers. I mean, Steph and I are almost a decade older than Clay and Neil… and I wasn’t sure I wanted to see what the “young kids” do at clubs these days. Well, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to see my brothers grinding on girls. But it doesn’t matter what the age difference is right? No one wants to see their siblings get freaky..

However, since we wanted to check out of the most popular clubs in Taiwan, we decided, “Screw it, it can’t be that bad!”

Before we went back to our Airbnb to get ready and pregame, we stopped by a supermarket to buy some snacks to bring back to the states. Even the supermarkets in Taiwan are so much better than the ones we have here! T__T We found Kavalan, so we had to bring two bottles home!

The four of us were planning to take a half day trip to Yilan to visit the distillery, but we ended up not going because we didn’t want to waste hours sitting on a bus. Next time!

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{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: addiction aquatic development and mala spicy hot pot

February 28, 2017

When we were in Taiwan, Phil asked if we would like to get dinner with his dad (since he lives there). My siblings and I were all pretty curious to meet his dad, and we were very excited because dinner was going to be at Addiction Aquatic Development. Although Steph and I didn’t dine at any of the restaurants there the year before, we really liked this place because you could walk through the seafood market and then pick up ready to eat boxes of fish, shrimp, and other seafood items.

We met at his dad’s office, and his driver drove us over to dinner. It’s so pretty during the night time! Honestly, I thought dinner was going to be awkward because Phil wasn’t there with us, but his dad was very easy to talk to and outgoing, so we all had a blast.

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taiwan travel

{travel} shieh sibs in taiwan: jiufen, raohe night market, and lao wang ji beef noodle soup

February 25, 2017

After my siblings and I walked around Shifen, we were ready to head over to Jiufen! Instead of waiting for a bus, we decided to just fork over the money and get a taxi. (Good thing cause we were all sort of tired!) It took a little less than an hour, and our taxi dropped us off in the back of Jiufen Old Street. This was unusual for us, but it seemed like the roads were clearer for cars compared to the front entrance. Although it was clearer for cars, it was definitely not clear for foot traffic! It felt like forever before we actually got up the stairs and to the main street.

Because we went during the holidays, there were lots and lots of tourists.

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